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I / found m y s e l f \ at the bottom / OF A WELL\ I did not wish upon.

August 31, 2014 at 4:30pm
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What if Marvel drew its male heroes like its female ones

 In an effort to complicate the all-too-common “notion that women only exist to titillate straight men,” writer and co-host of the podcast “Matt & Brett Love Comics,” Brett White, decided to give male superheroes some sexy variant covers of their very own.

As White points out in his introduction to the images, the issue isn’t with sexiness itself; rather, it’s with the fact that female superheroes — and women more generally — are disproportionately subject to sexualization in a way that men and male characters are not.

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August 30, 2014 at 4:30pm
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I’ve said this before and I’ll point it out again -

Menstruation is caused by change in hormonal levels to stop the creation of a uterine lining and encourage the body to flush the lining out. The body does this by lowering estrogen levels and raising testosterone.

Or, to put it more plainly “That time of the month” is when female hormones most closely resemble male hormones. So if (cis) women aren’t suited to office at “That time of the month” then (cis) men are NEVER suited to office.

If you are a dude and don’t dig the ladies around you at their time of the month, just think! That is you all of the time.

And, on a final note, post-menopausal (cis) women are the most hormonally stable of all human demographics. They have fewer hormonal fluctuations of anyone, meaning older women like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would theoretically be among the least likely candidates to make an irrational decision due to hormonal fluctuations, and if we were basing our leadership decisions on hormone levels, then only women over fifty should ever be allowed to hold office.


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Eat THAT, hormone-snipers!

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August 29, 2014 at 4:31pm
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August 28, 2014 at 6:56pm
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Strawberry blond stalks and and open field. #highpoint #trails #hikingwthebeau

Strawberry blond stalks and and open field. #highpoint #trails #hikingwthebeau

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This is the best scene from Beyonce’s mind-blowing performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs. 


This is the best scene from Beyonce’s mind-blowing performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs. 

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ladderladder replied to your post: Things I am tired of:

i am moving to mars, you can join me

Only if the Martians have donuts, though.

August 27, 2014 at 4:30pm
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spoken word @ The Batcave →


If you are a poet in NJ, come read your poetry at The Batcave next Wednesday. Please.

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Early Feminists: Oh hey, we see that you can vote. We would like to vote also. I mean, since most of those laws effect us too and all.
Mid-century Feminists: Hey, that whole thing about how you can have careers and earn a living wage outside the home? Yes that sounds nice, we'd like the option to do that as well.
Late 20th century Feminists: Hey we would like to make our own choices about our reproductive health, just like you've always had.
Modern-day feminists: Hey, if you could you stop sexually assaulting/harassing us and them blaming us for it, that'd be pretty great.
Feminists: Um...

August 26, 2014 at 4:30pm
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I am not Mike Brown. I am white. I am middle class. I am female. I am small. I am not considered a threat. When police see me they see someone who looks like them. They see their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, themselves. I am not at risk of being shot by police for existing while black. I am not at risk of being shot while unarmed. I am not at risk of being shot while armed with nothing more than a BB gun. I am not at risk of being shot for reaching for my wallet. I am privileged.
But I am outraged. And if you aren’t outraged, then you aren’t paying attention. This is America in 2014. This is our reality. It’s so easy to get jaded and to ignore these atrocities, to act like this doesn’t affect us. It’s so easy to get apathetic. In the past it was the youth who protested. Where is the rage of the youth? Where is our rage?
Like I said, I am not Mike Brown. But I am outraged.

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August 25, 2014 at 8:12pm
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Things I am tired of:

  • racism
  • sexism/cissexism
  • homo/bi/trans-phobia
  • fatphobia
  • ableism
  • this house
  • slurs of any kind
  • victim blaming
  • denial of rape culture
  • the lack of affordable health care
  • the interest rate on student loans
  • living in rural NJ with no means of being independent
  • crocs
  • not playing/recording music every day
  • being a lazy writer
  • not enough bookshelf space
  • not enough books
  • body shaming
  • slut shaming
  • the phrase “reverse racism”
  • people who don’t acknowledge their privilege
  •  literally all of society
  • and humanity
  • just this entire planet

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had to shut a bitch down today

And that’s how public shootings and school shootings and shit like that happen. I’m not saying that this dude is not creepy as fuck, but this is not the way to handle this! He didn’t say anything mean (on purpose), and when you shut him down like that how the fuck do you think he’s going to react? He must know he’s somewhat creepy, but when a complete stranger that he adores tells him so vividly how creepy he is, that must wreck his world. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought a gun (legally, but that’s a different issue) and went in to the store he knows you fucking work at. Just be nice to people fuck.

Alright, you know what? I don’t want to reblog this post. I want this post to die. And I have never once reblogged to reply to someone else’s comment on this post. But this one? This one I’m fucking gonna, because how. dare. you.

Are you seriously one of those slimy, inhuman grease traps of a human being who blame VICTIMS OF SHOOTINGS FOR THE FUCKING SHOOTINGS

Don’t you EVER come at me and try to tell me that I need to be responsible, personally responsible, for the mental satisfaction of the kind of monsters who would do something like that. Don’t you ever tell me I have to let myself be uncomfortable around people who LITERALLY STALK ME and put on a big smile and let them down gently because in your twisted little brain it is MY JOB TO KEEP THEM FROM KILLING PEOPLE

H O W   F U C K I N G   D A R E   Y O U

YOU are the problem. YOU are the kind of person who justifies that kind of senseless violence by saying WELL IF SHE HAD JUST GIVEN HIM A CHANCE




Are you fucking proud of that? Are you proud that that’s the tiny drop you choose to drop into society’s bucket? 

I don’t care if it ‘wrecked his world’ when he was called out on his socially unacceptable, disgusting behavior. I don’t caaaaaaaare

His actions are HIS actions. His actions are HIS fault

the next time I see a tragedy like the elliot rodger shooting on the news, I’m gonna think of all the vile comments from people online that say it all could have been avoided if the people he threatened and menaced would just relinquish their bodies and their comfort and their personal space for him, and I’m gonna  s e e   y o u r   f a c e  and I hope you fucking know it.

Don’t you ever talk to me. I am sick to my stomach over your fucking bullshit.

she fucking told you. all of you. so many rounds of applause. 

everybody-calmdown can literally go fuck himself

"This is how school shootings start" Jesus christ

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Let us be vividly clear about this.

What the New York Times did to Michael Brown today was not merely slander. It wasn’t a case of a lack of journalistic integrity.

Highlighting that a black teenager was “no angel” on the day he is being laid to rest after being hunted and killed by racist vigilante forces is not an unfortunate coincidence.

The New York Times deliberately played into an archaic American tradition in devaluing both the merit of black life and the tragedy of black death.

They chose the day of his funeral, as his family, friends and activists everywhere have to grapple with a human being lost to pontificate about how he was “no angel”. Michael Brown was many things to many people; a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew and another black causality of murderous police institutions and today, amidst all the racist violence he, his loved ones and community have had to endure, he was going to finally receive the respect and moment of honor he deserved and NYT decided today, of all days, to tune in their audience onto wholly irrelevant facts about his life - that in turn, transform the very injustice surrounding his death and the following police violence that plagued Ferguson into a national panel about whether or not his death is actually worth mourning and their language suggested that to them, it indeed is not.

This was hardly an accident or mistake. This is the perpetual hostility that is met against black life in America. The consensus is that black people deserve no respect and for black life to be legitimized and honored, we must meet a list of prerequisites. Subsequently, if black people aren’t valued, neither are our deaths understood as tragic or murders seen as criminal action.

This has been the atmosphere of America since its inception and much has not improved.

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Absolutely disgusting. I love how they are the victims here, they are the ones living in fear for their lives. And the media has a bias again them. This is the epitome of white victimhood. 

Notice “Despite popular belief we are not associated with any hate group. However, we respect every American’s constitutional right to freedom of speech” (paraphrased because i’m not watching that again to get the exact wording.)

When they organize and protest its a rally, when black folks organize and protest it’s a riot.

Breaking: New media game called “How Many Pieces of Shit Can We Fit in Front of One Camera?”

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